Who Goes There? Is There Extraterrestrial Life?

Here are some very interesting talks on this perplexing subject.

Could it be that life only happened? Or does it still happen?

Is life so rare as current observations suggest?

Or is it abundant and so diverse that it becomes unnoticed by our senses and sensors due to our provincialisms and preconceptions?

In my opinion there is only on thing that can be common to all life regardless of it being terrestrial or otherwise:

Life requires information to exist (we could argue that computers are not life, but without us (life) they would not even exist.

Our bodies seem mere biologic computers. And although admirably complex and abundant in diversity (probably extreme when we ever get to use an extraterrestrial term of comparison) it always contains software (suported by DNA, RNA and proteins in our case; who knows WHAT in extraterrestrial cases).

Carl Sagan always said that  the chemistry supporting extraterrestrial life does not necessarily need to be like ours (terrestrial life). It can be radically different.

“The Universe is not only queerer than we imagine, it is queerer than we can imagine.”

Richard Dawkins

an interesting social experiment:


~ by Roger Marques on May 22, 2009.

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