Religion Toolkit

“If we’d been born where they were born and taught what they were taught, we could believe what they believe.” – A sign inside a church in Northern Ireland, explaining the origin of intolerance and hate


“If you belonged to a political party or a social club that was tied to as much bigotry, misogyny, homophobia, violence, and sheer ignorance as religion is, you’d resign in protest. To do otherwise is to be an enabler, a mafia wife, for the true devils of extremism that draw their legitimacy from the billions of their fellow travelers. If the world does come to an end here, or wherever, or if it limps into the future, decimated by the effects of religion-inspired nuclear terrorism, let’s remember what the real problem was. We learned how to precipitate mass death before we got past the neurological disorder of wishing for it. That’s it. Grow up or die.” Bill Maher’s final word’s in the movie Religulous

Richard Dawkins: An atheist’s call to arms

Richard Dawkins: The God Delusion

The God Who Wasn’t There

Banned From the Bible

Who Wrote the Bible?

Christopher Hitchens: Why Christianity Fails

Eddie Izzard Illustrated: Noah’s Ark

Eddie Izzard Illustrated: Jesus and the Dinosaurs

Eddie Izzard interview: God doesn’t exist

Eddie izzard vs. Creationism

Bill Hicks on Religion

Bill Hicks on Creationists

George Carlin – Religion is bullshit.

Bill Maher lays waste to Religion

Atheist Statistics

Should Creationism Be Taught in Schools?


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